AviationAviation is highly regulated by international laws and regulations and has extremely high requirements on safety and efficiency. Aviation has a long tradition of integrating Human Factors into their business on the ground as well as in the air. Key focus areas in need of analyses and development within aviation enterprises are e.g. safety on the ground and in the air, design and development of processes and procedures and their relations to laws and regulations and development of technology used by pilots and other operative personnel in the air as well as on the ground.

HRG has a high competence profile within the Aviation area enabling us to support our clients with a diverse set of activities. Examples of projects and activities where HRGs personnel have been involved during HRG or former employment are:

Safety analysis of parallel working tasks on regional airports in Norway. The analysis primary aimed to evaluate the possibilities to perform tasks in addition to fire and rescue preparedness.

Risk- and Consequence analysis of a human-machine-interface in a new type of flight navigation system.

Audit of SAS HSE system and its functionality regarding cabin working staff and advisor to SAS Norway regarding handling of management issues. Master thesis performed at the Swedish Investigation board (Statens haverikommission) regarding strategies of assessing and measure the safety status of organisations in relation to accidents and incidents.

Availability analysis regarding the electrical power supply system on Stockholm-Arlanda airport, including study of the organization, manning, work procedures and co-operation routines of the electrician department.